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Actor’s Showreels

Working with Actor’s in any capacity brings me such joy, so it makes total sense to put my editing skills to use and create artistic showreels www.INSIGNIASHOWREELS.COM

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FILM 4.0 Scene Stealer contest

One Day is a film that explores the concept of relationships and time in the beautiful yet tragic story of Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew. The writer Dave Nicholl’s use of “St. Swithin’s Day” as a framing device inspired us to go back in time in the story rather than forward. Seeing the characters in…

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so what is MINA? Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa [MINA] aims to explore the possibilities of interaction between people, content and the emerging mobile industry. What amazing luck for “Daniel” to make it in to MINA at the 11th hour, having only just heard about the great event a week before deadline. I’ve lived in New…

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Confession Trailer

Confession Trailer Click Above to Watch the Trailer I’m really excited that my first big role in a feature is finally finding it’s way to screen. The whole cast and crew will hopefully be at the permiere next month. My wishes go out to the producer and hope that it finds a good audience at…

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GET INVOLVED! Jo Adamson-Parker is a fantastic Casting Director based in Leeds, last year I had the pleasure to work with her in casting “life on the line”. We had the most fantastic cast, which I put down to her insight and ability to spot / encourage talent. We met on one of her weekend…

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Rob Booker Photography

HEADSHOTS Recently I had some new headshots done with a wonderful photographer, Rob Booker. I was extremely pleased with the results and highly recommend Rob for any photo work. have a peek. x    

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