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Actor’s Showreels

Working with Actor’s in any capacity brings me such joy, so it makes total sense to put my editing skills to use and create artistic showreels www.INSIGNIASHOWREELS.COM

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FILM 4.0 Scene Stealer contest

One Day is a film that explores the concept of relationships and time in the beautiful yet tragic story of Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew. The writer Dave Nicholl’s use of “St. Swithin’s Day” as a framing device inspired us to go back in time in the story rather than forward. Seeing the characters in…

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Solus Music Video Photo’s by Tom Fenwick

All Photographs taken by Tom Fenwick new video for the title track of Troy Faid’s second album Solus. Recorded in Yorkshire, the album’s been very well received, with a live performance on BBC6’s Tom Robinson show this week as well as garnering great reviews in folk publications such as Froots,, Jumbo Records and Leeds…

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Life On The Line

For the whole of 2010 Left Eye Blind were working on the first piece of drama made as a three person collaboration to come out of the collective. It’s been a long and exhilarating process giving us a chance to meet other great film-makers and been shown such committed support for the tireless crew involved….

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Nokia N8 Short Film “Daniel” Premiere at Edinbrugh Film Festival

A period drama commissioned by NOKIA and shot using their new N8 mobile technology. Watch all 8 Nokia Shorts and their winning pitches here: Daniel follows the story of a 1940’s school boy with the gift of foresight. Will he continue to risk his life inducing visions of the future to help the war…

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How to Make a Short Film on the Nokia N8

On Thursday I edited together a making of for Daniel, a Nokia Short Film which will be showing in Edinburgh next weekend. Really looking forward to seeing what the other 8 films are like. Daniel a Nokia N8 film. We had a fantastic crew and would like to thank them all for giving up their…

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