#RIFF2016 Reykjavik Talent Lab

MURMUR is screening at the Reykjavík International Film Festival and in competition for The Golden Egg Award.

In a few weeks I’ll be travelling to Iceland for the first time. Let’s hope I get to see my namesake! The Northern Lights!!  There is also a Masterclass with Director Darren Aronofsky. 

The motto of RIFF is Innovation – Networking – Dialogue, which is perfectly manifested in the activities of the Talent Lab. The lab highlights and promotes the innovative works of young filmmakers and fosters as well as facilitates the networking necessary to promote their work to buyers and distributors. Further the attendees gain the opportunity to participate in a dialogue and exchange ideas and thoughts with young people from across the world.

The Golden Egg

Participants have the opportunity of submitting their short films to The Golden Egg competition. The Golden Egg is an award given to young and aspiring talents. The films selected for The Golden Egg competition will be screened in the festival’s official program.