Woolgather Art Prize is LIVE


I made it down to the fantastic arts space in town, between ( Cafe Nero and Next, opposite Boots)  which the Woolgather team have worked on tirelessly to house the 22 creations inside. I got my first explore on Tuesday after watching Indivisible‘s clever and laugh out loud performance piece Bunker. It’s such a delight to see the confidence and natural stage ability of Becki and Adam. Looking forward to more from them soon.

Myself and Jenni Wren will be down at the Woolgather Art space tomorrow to meet some of the other artists and talk about our common themes. If your free at 6pm Sunday 15th May then come join, it’s an open discussion. If you haven’t already seen the space then check it out, OH and don’t forget to vote for one of the pieces too.

The Art prize itself is decided by the public vote, so make sure you get yours in before Friday which is awards night. The work is really varied and ranges from interactive sound installation to photography, projection to sculpture – vote for the piece that speaks to you. It is such a delight to be included and have the work viewed by public. Jenni and I made a video for the Woolgather website to anwer the question “How do we sustain our practice?” If your interested to hear the answer then click here or watch the video below.