FILM 4.0 Scene Stealer contest

One Day is a film that explores the concept of relationships and time in the beautiful yet tragic story of Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew. The writer Dave Nicholl’s use of “St. Swithin’s Day” as a framing device inspired us to go back in time in the story rather than forward. Seeing the characters in a pre-graduation environment that would homage Emma’s awkward but hilarious initial meeting with her soul mate Dexter seemed like a fun option to play with.

Shot in London over a two day period on a Canon 5D mark III, DOP Dave Aspinall, with Aurora Fearnley as Emma Morley and James Rastall as Dexter. Edited on FCP by Aurora, with composition by Simon J Coockson we feel like this high energy short encapsulates those moments in life that will stay with you as they did with Emma. Directed and written by Michael Patrick Clarkson.