Aurora is selected as Broadcast Magazine 2023 Hot Shot 

One of 255 filmmakers selected from 86 countries to represent the UK as a director at Berlinale Talents 2020

Speak Its Name mentioned in ChorMedia’s upcoming film slate Variety

Live webinar on unlimited storytelling with David Proud & Aurora Fearnley by BFI NETWORK

Winner of the 25th Euroscript Screen Story Competition 2019 with feature film treatment Speak its Name

Aurora is selected as a recipient of the prestigious John Brabourne Award Screendaily

Director and actress Aurora Fearnley spills the beans on her success Cast It

BFI Presents: Ripping It Up screening and panel on disability in cinema at Unlimited Festival Southbank Centre

BFI Player releases 'Murmur' as part of their D/deaf and disability-led filmmaking program Nothing About Us Without Us

Interview with Caroline Pires at Nerdeo TV

Feature film TIPPING POINT in development with Lunar Lander Films a BFI Vision Awardee Screendaily


Pulsar lands distribution with Gunpowder & Sky on DUST sci-fi channel. 1,500,000 views online

Pulsar: Directing a sci-fi short Directors UK

Aurora Fearnley’s Ambitious Sci-Fi ‘Pulsar’ Brings The Story Of Jonah Into Space Close-up Culture

Stockport director's film to debut on DUST Prolific North

Aurora Fearnley's Sci-Fi Short PULSAR To Premiere BritFlix

Case Study: Aurora Fearnley’s PULSAR from Pitch to Premiere Indie Activity

Filmmaker Aurora Fearnley looks forward to a bright future Cheshire Life

Featured Short premiere on FilmShortage

Winner of Best F-Rated Short Film at TweetFest Awards

Two Carbon awards for Narrative and CGI, Conceptual & VFX with Fresh Futures

European Women's Audiovisual Network on Pulsar release EWA

Lucy Goes to Hollywood review of Pulsar ★★★★ 1/2

Review of Pulsar by Caution Spoilers

Interview Podcast Arrival Exclusive with Filmotomy

James Prestridge interviews Aurora for Close-up Culture

Full review of Pulsar with Geek Chocolate


European Premiere of STRUCK at Edinburgh Film Festival

On International Women's day, STRUCK is featured as shortoftheweek

Aurora attending Screenabilities program at Sydney Film Festival with British Film Council

 Interview about Struck selection for Screenability at Sydney Film Festival with Accessible Arts