The Break

A collaboration between BBC Writersroom, BBC Three and BBC Studios, the films that make up the series will be available to watch on BBC Three.

With the five writers already revealed, BBC Writersroom and BBC Studios Drama Production are delighted to confirm the further details, including the directors and actors involved.

Losing It - written by William Barrington, directed by Aurora Fearnley, starring Nicholas Jacobsen

Joseph is a young man with Cerebral Palsy who knows he absolutely doesn’t want pity sex and has always looked down on his best mate for sleeping around. But Joseph has never really had the opportunity, until now. His first one-night stand makes him question his views.

Rude - written by Annalisa Dinnella, directed by Aurora Fearnley, starring Niamh Longford

Would you rather be seen as rude or disabled? That’s the dilemma faced by 18-year-old May as she tries and fails not to offend her first Fresher’s Week friend.